High Output IGBT Inductive Smart Ignition Coil CDI Set of “4”

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Genuine  TRONICWORKZ IGN1A High Output Smart Ignition Coil 

The IGN1A Coil is your go-to product when nothing else will do. This coil has proven itself countless times in the field with some of the most powerful engines & best tuners. The IGN1A is one of the few ignition options for 2500+ HP Methanol applications. It offers the perfect combination of extremely high spark energy and long spark duration. These smart coils need no external ignitor and can be controlled by most ECUs. 

Wiring: A - Trigger Signal (TTL, 0-5v Signal)
B - Trigger Ground (Connect to the ground reference used for the Trigger Signal. Often the ECU ground or signal ground)
C - Cylinder Head Ground (Connect to a ground very close to the coil(s), preferably on the cylinder head)
D - Battery Ground (Connect to your vehicle primary ground)
E - Battery + (Connect to a switched +12v source)

Note: The connector is a ‘pull to seat’ connector. The wires must be fed through the connector before termination.

The Coil Near Plug Design for Maximum Power Output per cylinder. Not limited by cylinder head restrictions, these large coils are the strongest coils you can get for your high power application. 

Key Features:

  • Extreme energy output, 103mJ+ at up to 81,000 volts!
  • Extreme horsepower capable
  • Smart Coil with onboard current limiting ignitor to prevent coil damage
  • Fast coil charge times with low minimum dwell (perfect for high rpm, high power applications)
  • Short minimum discharge times allow more time to be spent on coil charging. (perfect for high rpm, high power applications)
  • Large heatshink on critical driver circuitry to keep these high power coils working at maximum output over long periods of time
  • Compact packaging for easy installation
  • Coil Near Plug Design for Maximum Power Output per cylinder
  • Complete single cylinder ignition system with electronics for dwell, current limited, etc helps reduce underhood electrical noise and simplifies installation
Equivalent Part Numbers:
  • IGN-1A Ignition Coil
  • AEM 30-2853
  • Holley 556-112
  • Amp EFI
  • DIY Auto Tune IGN-1A
  • Haltech HT-020114
  • Pro EFI HO 8005
  • Mercury Marine Optimax 300-879984T01
  • Mercury Marine Optimax 300-8M0077471
  • Mercury Marine Optimax 339-879984A1
  • Mercury Marine Optimax 339-879984T00
  • Mercury Marine Optimax 8M0077471
  • Mercury Marine Optimax 879984T01
  • Mercury Marine Optimax 879984A1
  • Mercury Marine Optimax 300879984T01
  • Mercury Marine Optimax 3008M0077471
  • Mercury Marine Optimax 339879984A1
  • Mercury Marine Optimax 339879984T00
  • Mercury Marine Optimax