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  • Manufactured From Grede 5 Titanium 
  • Reduce Rotational Mass unsprung weight
  • Corrosion & Fatigue Resistant
  • Each Extended Stud Weighs Approximately 32 Grams


  • Thread pitch: 12x1.5mm
  • Total length: 78mm
  • Thread length: 50mm
  • Head diameter: 17mm
  • Base thickness: 5mm
  • Each Stud Weight 32g vs OEM 36g vs ARP Ext Stud 60g

Tronicworkz extended wheel studs for Honda M12 x 1.5 are made of grade 5 titanium. These lightweight wheel studs. We ensure safety and high-quality for this product. Our knurl pattern is 1 mm per knurl.  This wheel stud has 37 knurls, for reference Honda original wheel stud has 40 knurls. Less knurl means the stud will have a stronger bite when installing into the wheel hub. OEM Honda studs are approximately 36-40g. Wheel Studs will not corrode or rust and they offer 50% in weight savings over OEM steel studs.


 If you use our titanium studs and titanium lug nuts you must use generous amounts of anti-sieze to avoid galling.

Precision 1mm per Knurl/Spline will results in no welding required or spinning of the stud in the hub.  37 Knurls total each stud

Each Extended Stud weighs 32 grams. Compare to the factory wheel stud weight of 36-40 grams and ARP wheel studs of 60+ grams.

Extended wheel studs are available in sets of 5.

Single-piece wheel studs are available and are ideal for when replacing only a few old or damaged studs.

    FYI: Wheel studs must properly be pressed in using a mechanical or hydraulic press.


    • To install the wheel studs, we recommend pressing or hammering them from the rear side of the hub. Our unique knurling design ensures a secure fit, preventing the stud from spinning during lug nut installation. Relying on a lug nut or puller tool for this task may not yield optimal results.

    • Before commencing the installation process, it's essential to thoroughly clean the splines within the wheel hub. Failing to do so could make the installation of the new titanium wheel studs more challenging, potentially resulting in incomplete insertion or even breakage due to excessive force.

    • Note: We strive to provide high-quality products and reliable guidance for our customers. However, please note that we cannot be held liable for any broken studs if the correct installation methods, as described above, are not followed. It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure proper installation techniques are employed to avoid any potential issues. We encourage our customers to consult a professional mechanic if they are unsure about any aspect of the installation process.