Fueltech OBD 1 Jumper harness

Sale price$249.00

Much like the K-Series Fueltech adapter


OBD1 FT550 adapter plug n play for distributor and distributor-less “coil on plug”


This adapter is compatible with any chassis currently utilizing a 92-95 OBD1 HONDA ECU.


Set ups can be either standard distributor or distributorless “coil on plug” 


Those who choose coil on plug,  you will need to utilize a T1 Style cam/crank pick-up for better signal.

Coil signal wires will be terminated at a DTM-4 pin connector. So for those already running a coil on plug conversion (HondaRulez, Hondata CPR, etc...) that has a seperated coil wiring harness all you need to do is connect the signal wires to the supplied connector, and connect your T1 Style pick up to the supplied lead.


Whats Included:

Obd1 to FT550 adapter harness

Prewired expansion connector (dtm12p) with ign12v and 5v power supply

Prewired Extentsion for Rear Wheel Speed Sensor

CANBUS A connector


T1 Cam/Crank pick up (Coil on plug adapter only)

Coil signal wires (Coil on plug adapter only).