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Tronicworkz continues to expand its performance ignition line with coils for late model applications.

    Four High Performance Coil Packs RSX Type S / RDX / TSX / Accord / CR-V / Element / Civic Si SiR / S2000

    2.0L / 2.2L / 2.3L & 2.4L Inline 4 Cylinder Engines
    - Improved Combustion
    - Increased Ignition Performance
    - Increased BHP and economy
    - Improved throttle response and smoothness
    - Smoother idle
    - Eliminate engine misfires and hesitation
    - No spark blowout at higher boost
    - Direct Bolt in part / No modifications required
    - Solid construction
    - 1 Year Warranty

    Ignition coils supply the spark plugs with the power to create spark, causing your engine to combust the air and fuel in the combustion chamber. A quality set of ignition coils will supply your engine with a good spark, reducing the chance of a misfire.

    Honda/Acura 2008-2015 2.4L

     Replaces dealer part numbers:

    5C1382, E1083, E341, E413, 52-1735, IC441, IC513, IC663, 30520-PNA-007,

    30520-RAA-007, 30520-RRA-007, UF-311, UF-393, UF-583, 5C1440, E897,

    52-1781, IC537, 30520-PNC-004C1450, UF-417, UF417, 30520PNC004


     These coils work for:


     Car Make: Honda / Acura

    03-07 Honda Accord 2.4L

    2013-15 Acura ILX 2.4L

    2008-12 Honda Accord 2.4L

    2012-15 Honda Civic 2.4L

    2012-15 Honda CrossTour 2.4L

    2010-14 Honda CR-V 2.4L

    02-06 Honda Crv 2.4L

     07-11 Honda Element 2.4L

     02-06 Acura Rsx 2.0L

     04-08 Acura TSX 2.4L

     K20A K24A K24A3,K24A4,K24A8