Universal Fuel pump relay

Sale price$99.00

  • Highly recommended for Electric Fuel Pump users. Do not allow your ignition switch to power this high amp device. The surges from the pump may disturb other electronic circuits including radios, etc... Recommended for all racing applications and where the use of Electric Fuel Pumps are required or used. The system supplies full battery voltage to the pump at all times and comes with its own fuse
  • Looking to feed more fuel to your swap by upgrading to a higher volume fuel pump, it is a must to upgrade the wiring as well. A majority of aftermarket fuel pumps require that you upgrade to a higher grade wire as well as size. 
  • The Fuel Pump Relay upgrade will not only do all this, but also remove the need feeding your fuel pump via the one wiring.  


  • Please note the relays and sockets used in the harness are weather resistant but not sealed. This harness is designed for applications where the relays will not be directly exposed to the elements. Tronicworkz offers other harnesses which use weather-tight relay assemblies for harsh environments and daily-driven cars.