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This Universal Race Fuse/ Relay Box is the perfect solution for any race car running the engine only. This harness comes with 5 relays, and fuses to easily get our tronicworkz harnesses to run in any car. Comes with 4 pin DTP connector for fuel pump, Fan, Spare output and switched output.

This product was designed to use with our D & B Series Engine Harnesses OBD1 and OBD2 style.

Easy to install, simply run wires out to Fan and Fuel Pump Power, and Ignition Switch and Start it right up. This product works perfectly with a switch panel system. Easy plug n play install.

- Does NOT support K-Series or F-Series Engines / 13B Rotary / AEM Infinity Standalone.
- Supports B/D/H-Series
- Auxiliary relay can be used for electric water pump, lighting, etc, etc.

Universal / Custom Honda B/D/H-Series Applications
Tronicworkz B/D/H series harnesses

Switch Panel:

Consists of 6 Water Resistant Rocker 20A 12V Switches: 1 Master/Ignition switch, Momentary Starter switch, and 4 On-Off switches.
The plastic bezel measures 19.5cm in width and 63mm in height.
Crafted with high-quality TXL wire and heat shrink tubing for durability and reliability.
Comes with a 12 pin DTM connector, and when purchased separately, the mating connector is included.

The switch configurations are as follows:
The Main switch is configured for high-side activation.
The START momentary switch is configured for low-side activation.
The remaining on/off switches consist of 3 low-side activated switches and 1 high-side activated switch.
These switches are ideal for controlling pumps or motors. The low-side switches are rated up to 8A, while the high-side switch can handle up to 20A.