96-98 EK headlight tucked harness

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This wire tuck harness will replace your oem headlight harness and tuck the wires to clean up your engine bay

This harness is ultra thin, made with high temp resistant wiring, braided loom, and all brand new connectors and seals for an easy installation 

Benefits of the “Tronicworkz” headlight harnesses are simply the quality of materials used, wire design and wiring technique. You can expect your lights much brighter and more responsive to your car's lighting system.



• Black / White  Labels 
• USDM Headlights/ Blinkers
• Left Hand Drive Only
• Braided Loom
• High temp TXL wiring

Connector Abbreviation List and Location:

CL - City Lights (Not utilized on all models) (Bumper)
FOG - Fog Lights (Not utilized on all models) (Bumper)
SM - Side Marker (Fender)
LT - Left Turn Signal (Headlight)
RT - Right Turn Signal (Headlight)
LHL - Left Headlight Main (Headlight)
RHL - Right Headlight Main (Headlight)
FAN - OEM location FAN connector
A/C - Air Conditioning connector